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I urge you to watch this video.

Jane Elliott once did this experiment. She divided her class of 8 year olds into those that had blue eyes, and those that had brown eyes. The first day, she told the blue-eyed that they were superior to the brown-eyed, gave them special privileges and explained why it was scientifically accurate that people who had blue eyes were smarter, more efficient, beautiful, etc than those who were not. She made the brown-eyed kids wear brown collars and degraded them, chastised them for making petty mistakes, and told them they were ignorant and argumentative when they tried to tell her that they were not. The entire classroom's attitudes took an entire 360. The blue eyed kids did better on tests and became arrogant and bossy, while the brown eyes became timid and submissive to the blue eyes. Even something as simple as getting one question wrong on a test became a testament to how stupid and insignificant the brown eyes were. The next day, she switched it, and the same thing happened, only the rules were reversed. This time the brown eyes were superior. It was like they forgot everything that happened the day prior. Once the experiment was over, both sides cried and embraced one another. They had just experienced racism on a much smaller scale, but the effect was still profound.

Here's an excerpt from the experiment she did, this time with an older group.

I want to point out something that happened in this experiment that many of you who complain about no white history month are probably not seeing. When the brown eyes/blue eyed complained or spoke out that Elliott was being unfair, or that it wasn't true that they were inferior, they were immediately categorized as argumentative and stupid. The blue eyed/brown eyed assumed there wasn't a problem, and that the brown eyes were just being whiny. This is an exact mirror of what is going on in society today. People who speak out about racism are looked at as plaintive and pathetic, trying to see something that isn't there. Trying to say that their problems are more important than everyone else's. Trying to make something out of nothing. Trying to revive a problem that doesn't exist and should just be swept under the rug and forgotten about. And when they argue, automatically they are problematic and argumentative. Don't you see anything wrong with that?

Racism and discrimination whether it be from skin color, gender or sexual orientation IS OUT THERE. It happens to people EVERYDAY. People are BORN with something they can't change or help, and are mistreated because of it and it is WRONG to act like it doesn't exist or that people are just bringing it up to make themselves feel unique.

In my opinion, there isn't a need for a White History Month. We learn "White History" in Social Studies all year round. We learn about the kings and queens of Europe, . o.O Why is it a problem that the history of discrimination and segregation and oppression of a people in America has a measly month out of the entire year? Get real, people.

It's kind of like for example, if straight people were to get upset that the LGBT community have their LGBT Pride Month (June) and wonder why there isn't a Straight People Pride Month. Do you realize how silly that would sound?

And one last video:

What would a White History Month be like?
Do you feel like racism or discrimination isn't a problem as it's being made out to be? Why or why not?
Did this journal, or the Jane Elliott videos change your perspective on things? Even a little?

....I think there should be an Ehbi History Month. Just sayin'~
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MeganEliMoon Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I honestly really liked my school for the history teacher ... when we got to the section in the history books where the slaves were freed in america my history teacher made a point of going back into the former slaves history ... like he had done when we talked about america becoming america and taking the country by force form the nomadic natives that lived here before us .... we white folk had no right to belittle or degrade the value of their lives simple because they believed in something different from us. This point in my life was when I started questioning why? why did we see them as wrong ... because they practiced voodoo and shamanism? because their skin was different? because they dressed more openly? because they had from the beginning seen women as equal to men? .... I can't fathom the original reason we thought they were lesser than us ... I could never imagine saying someone is weaker or more stupid simply because of appearance or practice. I don't ever want to look at someone and say that is so black of you .... I know I can't change everyone's mind on this subject matter and I'm not going to try to ... I'm just going to teach the next generation that it's okay to be different in as many different ways as possible.
Bleu-Foxx Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that's really interesting..

I agree with you on White History Month being no need because, as you stated, "We learn "White History" in Social Studies all year round." It's really not necessary...

I think racism and discrimination is a large problem... because having people judge and discriminated for who they are just is not right. It's almost inhuman the way people treat each other due to their differences.

I haven't heard of Jane Elliot before 'til now. Thanks for sharing. I've always been against discrimination and racism. Things like that are just silly to me, and I just can't believe that people can still act like that towards others regardless of how they make others feel...
CuzzaCurry Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for making this journal and sharing those videos.
remsellec Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Ah watched these in sociology classes (though it was more for the failure of ethics of Jane Elliot when conducting the experiment on 8 year olds).

White history month would probably be...everyday. Not much would probably change. Whites are already the majority, so why do we have to celebrate it? I can already imagine a riot though from the minorities if White History month does exist. It's like those meme pictures that were against feminist movements: [link]

People are just one-sided. They don't look at the big picture. They don't notice the oppression and everything else that they went through to gain the rights. Black history month - or anything dedicated to minorities- look back at how our nation came to be - how people fought for control. How people tried to get their voices heard. In all history, Whites have been the majority and now, these dates are to remind us of the past, and never to let it happen again. It's just like Remembrance day - it's hard to think about war, when there has been peace for all these years. Now I feel like I'm talking in a loop hole...moving on

Well I'm a sociology major sooo...discrimination and the likes is basically the essence of it. It's a problem but no matter which side you take (Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Goffman, whoever else), that's not going to change. It's a big problem but this leads to status hierarchies and whatnot. But racism and discrimination...sadly...cannot be fully erased. Why? Because in no history has it not been apparent. In every society, this has always existed. I don't feel like I answered the question...but yea, it's a huge problem. However, we cannot fully eliminate it no matter how hard we try. All we can do is decrease the amount

Regarding the last question, nope. Probably because I watched it already and most of my courses are in sociology. But has it changed my perspective before I watched it? Don't think so either. I was always against discrimination and inequality
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